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Maesot Heavy Industries is a newly establish Taiwanese foundry and CNC machining factory in Maesot, with 100% foreign fund of 150 million baht. We are approved by Thailand's Board of Investment. The factory is under construction and we plan to begin production by the end of the year 2020. Our main products will be motorcycle parts and agricultural parts. Our maximum production capacity is projected to be 5000 tons of casting and machined parts.

Product Design

Maesot Heavy Industries uses multitude of CAD/CAM software in the design process. The in-house 3D scanner can also reduce product development time. We also have several suppliers in Thailand and Taiwan that support our product design team. 3D sand printed mold can be used in trial production/pouring before the mold is manufactured. A better product visualization can be realized by using FDM 3D printer to produce prototypes before production.

Pattern Making

Maesot Heavy Industries has its own pattern making shop for green sand mold, resin setting mold and lost foam mold. The patterns are made from either wood or aluminum.

Mold Making

In Maesot Heavy Industries, several types of mold making method are employed.


Green sand molding line

It is ideal for small batch production. Parts are generally less than 30 kg in weight and implement either no core or only simple core.


Resin setting molding line

Either furan resin or sodium silicate is used to harden the sand mold. The parts produced with this procedure are generally from 30 kg up to several tons in weight.


Lost foam molding line

In lost foam casting, the sand mold is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) copy of the desire parts. The polystyrene copy then evaporates and replaced by metal during pouring. No core is required in the process. Lost foam method is ideal for medium-sized complicated parts with multiple hollow components and other parts that usually require a large number of cores.


All these methods have their advantage and disadvantage, the method will be carefully chosen depending on the quantity of parts, the desired quality and time schedule of the customer.


Maesot Heavy Industries has the capability to produce most molds for ferrous casting. For the more complex mold design, we can contact our Taiwan and Thailand suppliers for support.

Steel and Iron Casting

We specialize in ferrous casting, including grey iron, ductile iron, and steel.

Jig and Fixture

We are capable of designing and manufacture jig and fixture according to part size, material, ease of machining,

price and other factors.


Maesot Heavy Industries has extensive knowledge in machining casting parts, wood pattern, and aluminum mold.

Both horizontal and vertical CNC machine are utilized in production. We also have several unit of CNC lathe.

Heat Treatment

We also have in-house heat treatment facility (such as carburizing, annealing , normalizing) that could improve the material properties of the casting parts.

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